Player Registrations Open after July School Holidays.
Grading starts September 16 || Cost $150 for 16 week season||
789  Players have registered for Primary Soccer so far this year. By the start of the season we expect aprox 800-900
As at 25/09/18     we have received payment for       772  players, these are listed below.
(CTRL F will let you search for your name in most browsers).
This list is based on our bank statement so does not include players who have registered but payment has not yet come through.
It can take 2 business days for funds transfered from another bank to appear in our account, if you have only recently made payment, check later.
Payment may be made to Primary Soccer via Combank BSB 062246 A/C 10249076, please include player name.
    Tue          Assassins                             Azi G
    Tue          Assassins                             Daniel  G
    Tue          Assassins                             Dov G
    Tue          Assassins                             Maurice C
    Tue          Assassins                             Ryan E
    Tue          Assassins                             Ryan F
    Tue          AwaitingteamTue                 Isaac  W
    Tue          AwaitingteamTue                 Michal A
    Tue          AwaitingteamTue                 Nathaniel M
    Tue          AwaitingteamTue                 Sarah G
    Tue          AwaitingteamTue                 William M
    Tue          Banana Pyjamas                   Carter A
    Tue          Banana Pyjamas                   Flynn P
    Tue          Banana Pyjamas                   Hugo E
    Tue          Banana Pyjamas                   Jack P
    Tue          Banana Pyjamas                   James L
    Tue          Banana Pyjamas                   Jioh K
    Tue          Banana Pyjamas                   Woosung L
    Tue          Barcenal                               Aidan T
    Tue          Barcenal                               Hugo R
    Tue          Barcenal                               Jack E
    Tue          Barcenal                               Luis M
    Tue          Barcenal                               Max G
    Tue          Barcenal                               Oscar B
    Tue          Barker Tigers                        Alexander W
    Tue          Barker Tigers                        Hugh G
    Tue          Barker Tigers                        James A
    Tue          Barker Tigers                        Kaishen X
    Tue          Barker Tigers                        Richard L
    Tue          Barker Tigers                        Sam E
    Tue          Barker Tigers                        Saxon W
    Tue          Cheeky Monkeys                  Grace L

   Tue        Cheeky Monkeys                  Jemma H
    Tue          Cheeky Monkeys                  Lara H
    Tue          Cheeky Monkeys                  Olivia S
    Tue          Cheeky Monkeys                  Rachel H
    Tue          Cheeky Monkeys                  Rosie B
    Tue          Cheeky Monkeys                  Sophia  S
    Tue          Coyote                                 Fred B
    Tue          Coyote                                 James B
    Tue          Coyote                                 Jeremy  C
    Tue          Coyote                                 Matthew A
    Tue          Coyote                                 Oliver W
    Tue          Coyote                                 Rohan P
    Tue          Coyote                                 Roman  M
    Tue          Cyclones1                            Alex  M
    Tue          Cyclones1                            Angus F
    Tue          Cyclones1                            Dylan A
    Tue          Cyclones1                            Lachlan M
    Tue          Cyclones1                            Oliver S
    Tue          Cyclones1                            William T
    Tue          Cyclones2                            Aidan T
    Tue          Cyclones2                            Jacob  C
    Tue          Cyclones2                            Luke D
    Tue          Cyclones2                            Max D
    Tue          Cyclones2                            Oliver K
    Tue          Cyclones2                            Willam G
    Tue          Dab Lads                              Benjamin H
    Tue          Dab Lads                              Joel F
    Tue          Dab Lads                              Joshua B
    Tue          Dab Lads                              Lachlan W
    Tue          Dab Lads                              Lochie S
    Tue          Dab Lads                              Nicholas S
    Tue          Dab Lads                              Zak B
    Tue          Eagles                                  Daniel S
    Tue          Eagles                                  Eliyah B
    Tue          Eagles                                  Ethan R
    Tue          Eagles                                  Ian W
    Tue          Eagles                                  Isaac T
    Tue          Eagles                                  oliver M
    Tue          Eagles                                  Toby K
    Tue          Fearsome Five                      Alec H
    Tue          Fearsome Five                      Connor M
    Tue          Fearsome Five                      Gabriel k
    Tue          Fearsome Five                      Hugo J
    Tue          Fearsome Five                      Janoux H

    Tue          Fearsome Five                      Rohan M
    Tue          Fearsome Five                      Taamirra K
    Tue          Golden Panthers                  Ben L
    Tue          Golden Panthers                  Billy S
    Tue          Golden Panthers                  Christopher  S
    Tue          Golden Panthers                  Jayden G
    Tue          Golden Panthers                  Jayden R
    Tue          Golden Panthers                  Joel S
    Tue          Golden Panthers                  Levi M
    Tue          Gordon Bs                            Alex R
    Tue          Gordon Bs                            Daniel N
    Tue          Gordon Bs                            Jack S
    Tue          Gordon Bs                            Joshua J
    Tue          Gordon Bs                            Mitchell M
    Tue          Gordon Bs                            Nicholas T
    Tue          Gordon Bs                            Will J
    Tue          Gordon Lions                        Ellyas A
    Tue          Gordon Lions                        Harrison S
    Tue          Gordon Lions                        Leon L
    Tue          Gordon Lions                        Lucas B
    Tue          Gordon Lions                        Munro G
    Tue          Gordon Lions                        Ryker B
    Tue          Gordon Lions                        Samuel  B
    Tue          Hawks                                  Alex C
    Tue          Hawks                                  Grace  R
    Tue          Hawks                                  Joshua T
    Tue          Hawks                                  Justin F
    Tue          Hawks                                  Louis C
    Tue          Hawks                                  Luella V
    Tue          Hawks                                  Olivia L
    Tue          Hustling Hawks                     Briella C
    Tue          Hustling Hawks                     Chelsea  B
    Tue          Hustling Hawks                     Daniel T
    Tue          Hustling Hawks                     Elleni T
    Tue          Hustling Hawks                     Ollie K
    Tue          Hustling Hawks                     Ronan E
    Tue          Legends                               Darryl L
    Tue          Legends                               Jake P
    Tue          Legends                               Luke S
    Tue          Legends                               MAXIMILIAN M
    Tue          Legends                               Oliver S
    Tue          Legends                               Owen  z

    Tue          Leopards                              Christopher  X
    Tue          Leopards                              Kevin Z
    Tue          Leopards                              Max J
    Tue          Leopards                              Owen K
    Tue          Leopards                              Ryan W
    Tue          Leopards                              Samuel Z
    Tue          Leopards                              William P
    Tue          Lions                                    Alexander C
    Tue          Lions                                    Declan C
    Tue          Lions                                    Evan O
    Tue          Lions                                    Maran R
    Tue          Lions                                    Mark C
    Tue          Lions                                    Matthew  C
    Tue          Monash                               ariel s
    Tue          Monash                               Dan S
    Tue          Monash                               Heath K
    Tue          Monash                               Micah B
    Tue          Monash                               Nadav R
    Tue          Monash                               Noam C
    Tue          Monash                               Reuven  C
    Tue          Monash                               Toby R
    Tue          Neutrons                             Callum H
    Tue          Neutrons                             George P
    Tue          Neutrons                             Lucas T
    Tue          Neutrons                             Michael C
    Tue          Neutrons                             Tom K
    Tue          Neutrons                             William D
    Tue          PARTHELONA                       Ashton J
    Tue          PARTHELONA                       Charles M
    Tue          PARTHELONA                       Devon W
    Tue          PARTHELONA                       Vishal P
    Tue          PARTHELONA                       Yasith  T
    Tue          Pymble Panthers                  Claire M
    Tue          Pymble Panthers                  Erika N
    Tue          Pymble Panthers                  Esther E
    Tue          Pymble Panthers                  Ines D
    Tue          Pymble Panthers                  Kate W
    Tue          Pymble Panthers                  Lindsey L
    Tue          Pymble Panthers                  scarlett D
    Tue          Roblox Pros                          Alex L
    Tue          Roblox Pros                          Dylan P
    Tue          Roblox Pros                          Jerome N
    Tue          Roblox Pros                          Lachlan B
    Tue          Roblox Pros                          Liam S

    Tue          Roblox Pros                          Wolf V
    Tue          Sabres                                 Doron E
    Tue          Sabres                                 Rafael R
    Tue          Sabres                                 Raphael S
    Tue          Sabres                                 Raphy G
    Tue          Sabres                                 Yonatan K
    Tue          Saints                                   Archie H
    Tue          Saints                                   Joe N
    Tue          Saints                                   Jordan H
    Tue          Saints                                   Kieran B
    Tue          Saints                                   Ronan B
    Tue          Saints                                   Ryan F
    Tue          Sapphires                             Amelia B
    Tue          Sapphires                             Anna G
    Tue          Sapphires                             Caitlin V
    Tue          Sapphires                             Ella S
    Tue          Sapphires                             Mikayla S
    Tue          Sapphires                             Rani S
    Tue          Sapphires                             Sydney F
    Tue          Shamrock Rovers                  Ben  W
    Tue          Shamrock Rovers                  Cal  D
    Tue          Shamrock Rovers                  James F
    Tue          Shamrock Rovers                  Kaveh H
    Tue          Shamrock Rovers                  Peter P
    Tue          Shamrock Rovers                  Samuel W
    Tue          Sipps United                        Bailey S
    Tue          Sipps United                        Brahm O
    Tue          Sipps United                        Elliott M
    Tue          Sipps United                        Fraser H
    Tue          Sipps United                        Jenson B
    Tue          Sipps United                        Mitchell H
    Tue          Soccer Belles                        Alexandra W
    Tue          Soccer Belles                        Amira W
    Tue          Soccer Belles                        Ellie T
    Tue          Soccer Belles                        Jemimah B
    Tue          Soccer Belles                        Lucia C
    Tue          Soccer Belles                        Lucy B
    Tue          Soccer Belles                        Tilly A
    Tue          Summer Hawks                    Charlie M
    Tue          Summer Hawks                    Georgia  A
    Tue          Summer Hawks                    Hunter W
    Tue          Summer Hawks                    Joe K

    Tue          Summer Hawks                    Rupert  A
    Tue          Summer Hawks                    Thomas O
    Tue          Summer Hawks                    Tommy S
    Tue          Summer Sixers                     Harrison D
    Tue          Summer Sixers                     Matthew B
    Tue          Summer Sixers                     Nate R
    Tue          Summer Sixers                     Tali S
    Tue          Summer Sixers                     Tommy H
    Tue          Thunder                               Abigail B
    Tue          Thunder                               Anna P
    Tue          Thunder                               Asha P
    Tue          Thunder                               INES G
    Tue          Thunder                               Isabel B
    Tue          Thunder                               Lydia R
    Tue          Thunder                               Sunita P
    Tue          Tigers v2.0                            Aditya K
    Tue          Tigers v2.0                            David B
    Tue          Tigers v2.0                            Dylan D
    Tue          Tigers v2.0                            Ewan S
    Tue          Tigers v2.0                            George C
    Tue          Tigers v2.0                            Henry C
    Tue          Tigers v2.0                            Liam B
    Tue          z                                          Jake  R
    Tue          z                                          Nicholas E
    Wed         Arsenal Gunn                       Avishay D
    Wed         Arsenal Gunn                       Daisy A
    Wed         Arsenal Gunn                       Hugh H
    Wed         Arsenal Gunn                       Isaac  Y
    Wed         Arsenal Gunn                       Sean L
    Wed         Arsenal Gunn                       Tianyi M
    Wed         Avengers                             amber e
    Wed         Avengers                             Annabella G
    Wed         Avengers                             Marissa R
    Wed         Avengers                             Mia B
    Wed         Avengers                             Sienna R
    Wed         Avengers                             Sylvie C
    Wed         Avengers                             Tallulah R
    Wed         AwaitingteamWed               Harry B
    Wed         AwaitingteamWed               Luca H
    Wed         AwaitingteamWed               Owen B
    Wed         Black Panthers                     Amin  A

    Wed         Black Panthers                     Ashton G
    Wed         Black Panthers                     Ethan K
    Wed         Black Panthers                     Ewan K
    Wed         Black Panthers                     Rami  A
    Wed         Black Panthers                     Ryan K
    Wed         Blue Dragon                         Douglas  Y
    Wed         Blue Dragon                         Lachlan T
    Wed         Blue Dragon                         Logan  P
    Wed         Blue Dragon                         Matthew T
    Wed         Blue Dragon                         Matthew Z
    Wed         Blue Dragon                         Melen  S
    Wed         Blue Panthers                      Harry P
    Wed         Blue Panthers                      Jimmy S
    Wed         Blue Panthers                      Jonah H
    Wed         Blue Panthers                      Max  S
    Wed         Blue Panthers                      Nathan  M
    Wed         Blue Panthers                      Will M
    Wed         brazil ninjas                          Angus H
    Wed         brazil ninjas                          Cameron  G
    Wed         brazil ninjas                          Hugo B
    Wed         brazil ninjas                          joseph e
    Wed         brazil ninjas                          Liam S
    Wed         brazil ninjas                          Oisin H
    Wed         Bulldogs                               Andrew B
    Wed         Bulldogs                               Caiden L
    Wed         Bulldogs                               Eason L
    Wed         Bulldogs                               Joshua  H
    Wed         Bulldogs                               Leo J
    Wed         Bulldogs                               Ryan H
    Wed         Chicken Sharks                     Annika R
    Wed         Chicken Sharks                     Ben W
    Wed         Chicken Sharks                     Charlie N
    Wed         Chicken Sharks                     Jack R
    Wed         Chicken Sharks                     Philip K
    Wed         Chicken Sharks                     Ryan C
    Wed         Cupcakes                             Abby P
    Wed         Cupcakes                             Brielle H
    Wed         Cupcakes                             Caitlin S
    Wed         Cupcakes                             Claudia S
    Wed         Cupcakes                             Ellie R
    Wed         Cupcakes                             Gemma D
    Wed         Cupcakes                             Isabella S

    Wed         Devils                                   charlie S
    Wed         Devils                                   Harry T
    Wed         Devils                                   Josh M
    Wed         Devils                                   Keagan S
    Wed         Devils                                   Lachlan H
    Wed         Devils                                   Nathan F
    Wed         Diamond Striker                   Arvind N
    Wed         Diamond Striker                   Charles S
    Wed         Diamond Striker                   Ishaan K
    Wed         Diamond Striker                   John P
    Wed         Diamond Striker                   Linden G
    Wed         Diamond Striker                   Seth  D
    Wed         Diamond Striker                   William T
    Wed         Dragons                               Austin K
    Wed         Dragons                               Kai T
    Wed         Dragons                               Noah S
    Wed         Dragons                               Sam  W
    Wed         Dragons                               Thomas H
    Wed         Dynamights                          Ava P
    Wed         Dynamights                          Hannah T
    Wed         Dynamights                          Josie B
    Wed         Dynamights                          Laranya  N
    Wed         Dynamights                          Sienna P
    Wed         Dynamights                          Zara K
    Wed         Dynamite                             Fergus K
    Wed         Dynamite                             Jasper J
    Wed         Dynamite                             Julian L
    Wed         Dynamite                             Nathan T
    Wed         Dynamite                             Rory K
    Wed         Dynamite                             Tom B
    Wed         Ferreros                               Arley P
    Wed         Ferreros                               Erin T
    Wed         Ferreros                               Eve L
    Wed         Ferreros                               Madison  W
    Wed         Ferreros                               Sophie M
    Wed         Fire Flames                          Aahaan  N
    Wed         Fire Flames                          Daniel S
    Wed         Fire Flames                          Justin H
    Wed         Fire Flames                          Lachlan G
    Wed         Fire Flames                          Oscar  N
    Wed         Fire Flames                          Rebecca S
    Wed         Fortnite Squad                     Benjamin J

    Wed         Fortnite Squad                     Henry W
    Wed         Fortnite Squad                     Jack W
    Wed         Fortnite Squad                     Jack W
    Wed         Fortnite Squad                     Nicholas R
    Wed         Fortnite Squad                     sebastian p
    Wed         Go Monkeys                        Amanda A
    Wed         Go Monkeys                        Amelia H
    Wed         Go Monkeys                        Grace B
    Wed         Go Monkeys                        Holly J
    Wed         Go Monkeys                        Lucia M
    Wed         Go Monkeys                        Margot S
    Wed         Green Dragons                     Alex P
    Wed         Green Dragons                     Amelia E
    Wed         Green Dragons                     Ethan A
    Wed         Green Dragons                     Harry A
    Wed         Green Dragons                     James  J
    Wed         Green Dragons                     James A
    Wed         Hawks - Summer                  Aaron Y
    Wed         Hawks - Summer                  Ash A
    Wed         Hawks - Summer                  Charlie  L
    Wed         Hawks - Summer                  Enric  L
    Wed         Hawks - Summer                  Hugo L
    Wed         Hawks - Summer                  John W
    Wed         Hawks - Summer                  William  B
    Wed         HypedBlueDingos                 David S
    Wed         HypedBlueDingos                 Jordan O
    Wed         HypedBlueDingos                 Lachlan L
    Wed         HypedBlueDingos                 Lachlan M
    Wed         HypedBlueDingos                 Luca K
    Wed         HypedBlueDingos                 Thomas Z
    Wed         Inter Heroes                         James C
    Wed         Inter Heroes                         Joshua  C
    Wed         Inter Heroes                         Kingston  N
    Wed         Inter Heroes                         Liam W
    Wed         Inter Heroes                         MAURYAN G
    Wed         Inter Heroes                         Travis L
    Wed         Kisso Thunder                      Finn W
    Wed         Kisso Thunder                      Harry S
    Wed         Kisso Thunder                      Jett W
    Wed         Kisso Thunder                      Ollie K
    Wed         Kisso Thunder                      Thomas R
    Wed         Kisso Thunder                      Will C

    Wed         Legion                                  Ben H
    Wed         Legion                                  Bryan  L
    Wed         Legion                                  Jack M
    Wed         Legion                                  Nathan M
    Wed         Little Giants                         Ashton K
    Wed         Little Giants                         Ben I
    Wed         Little Giants                         Felix L
    Wed         Little Giants                         Harrison K
    Wed         Little Giants                         Lachie P
    Wed         Little Giants                         Leonardo  Z
    Wed         Llamas                                 Alexander A
    Wed         Llamas                                 Arie D
    Wed         Llamas                                 Ashton T
    Wed         Llamas                                 Jack  J
    Wed         Llamas                                 Lucas H
    Wed         Llamas                                 Mike v
    Wed         Messi Boys                           Archie W
    Wed         Messi Boys                           Callum  D
    Wed         Messi Boys                           DENNIS A
    Wed         Messi Boys                           Liam B
    Wed         Messi Boys                           Oliver H
    Wed         Mighty eagles                      Billy K
    Wed         Mighty eagles                      Ian K
    Wed         Mighty eagles                      James B
    Wed         Mighty eagles                      Leon H
    Wed         Mighty eagles                      MATTHEW A
    Wed         Mighty eagles                      Naveen S
    Wed         Mighty eagles                      Vedant P
    Wed         Minecraft                             ALEXANDER L
    Wed         Minecraft                             Ben  F
    Wed         Minecraft                             Christopher E
    Wed         Minecraft                             Jonathan S
    Wed         Minecraft                             Max B
    Wed         Minecraft                             Mia  H
    Wed         Nitro                                    Angus B
    Wed         Nitro                                    Marcus B
    Wed         Nitro                                    Percy S
    Wed         Nitro                                    Rhys H
    Wed         Nitro                                    Trent  F
    Wed         Nitro                                    Valdemar H
    Wed         Normo Eaglettes                  Rebecca C

    Wed         Odd Ones                            Dominic  D
    Wed         Odd Ones                            Elliot W
    Wed         Odd Ones                            Jacob P
    Wed         Odd Ones                            Kai P
    Wed         PSG                                     Alexander H
    Wed         PSG                                     benjamin e
    Wed         PSG                                     James B
    Wed         PSG                                     Julian. C
    Wed         PSG                                     Myles  R
    Wed         PSG                                     Sam J
    Wed         pterodactyls                         Ben P
    Wed         pterodactyls                         Byron B
    Wed         pterodactyls                         Charles  B
    Wed         pterodactyls                         George  S
    Wed         pterodactyls                         Kai S
    Wed         Pumas                                 Audrey K
    Wed         Pumas                                 Isabella S
    Wed         Pumas                                 Lola E
    Wed         Pumas                                 Lucinda H
    Wed         Pumas                                 Miranda C
    Wed         Pumas                                 Tisha S
    Wed         Pymble Lions                        Charles H
    Wed         Pymble Lions                        James S
    Wed         Pymble Lions                        Michael H
    Wed         Pymble Lions                        Robert P
    Wed         Pymble Lions                        Sean F
    Wed         Pymble Lions                        Tom K
    Wed         Pymble Lions                        Trent G
    Wed         Pymble Piranhas                   Hayden S
    Wed         Pymble Piranhas                   Jai A
    Wed         Pymble Piranhas                   Sam M
    Wed         Pymble Piranhas                   Seung Woo C
    Wed         Pymble Piranhas                   Timofey S
    Wed         Pymble Piranhas                   Zachary L
    Wed         Pymble Pumas                     Lachlan M
    Wed         Pymble Pumas                     Michael M
    Wed         Pymble Pumas                     Neelan N
    Wed         Pymble Pumas                     samir a
    Wed         Pymble Pumas                     Thomas M
    Wed         Pymble Pumas                     William C
    Wed         Pymble Tigers                       Cody S
    Wed         Pymble Tigers                       Jonathan I

    Wed         Pymble Tigers                       Max W
    Wed         Pymble Tigers                       Nikita  M
    Wed         Pymble Tigers                       Revaan  J
    Wed         Pymble Tigers                       Shiraz G
    Wed         Pythons                               ADAM D
    Wed         Pythons                               Antonio D
    Wed         Pythons                               Michael M
    Wed         Pythons                               Owen L
    Wed         Red Alligators                       Adrain  L
    Wed         Red Alligators                       Brendan L
    Wed         Red Alligators                       Declan M
    Wed         Red Alligators                       Hugh  L
    Wed         Red Alligators                       Isaac  N
    Wed         Red Alligators                       Jai A
    Wed         Red Alligators                       Jake S
    Wed         Red Alligators                       Joshua H
    Wed         Red Raptors                         Alexander  C
    Wed         Red Raptors                         Elliot S
    Wed         Red Raptors                         Harrison M
    Wed         Red Raptors                         Miles L
    Wed         Red Raptors                         William S
    Wed         Red Raptors                         Xavier  Z
    Wed         Red Raptors                         Ziggy P
    Wed         Redbacks                             Akira C
    Wed         Redbacks                             Charlie D
    Wed         Redbacks                             Isabel M
    Wed         Redbacks                             Joshua D
    Wed         Redbacks                             liam S
    Wed         Redbacks                             Oscar H
    Wed         Redbacks                             Will G
    Wed         rhinos                                  Charlie K
    Wed         rhinos                                  Ethan W
    Wed         rhinos                                  Harrison L
    Wed         rhinos                                  Joseff R
    Wed         rhinos                                  Marlon D
    Wed         rhinos                                  Noah H
    Wed         Rubies                                 Amelia B
    Wed         Rubies                                 Annabelle  J
    Wed         Rubies                                 Ella H
    Wed         Rubies                                 Emily E
    Wed         Rubies                                 Lara W
    Wed         Rubies                                 Lily M

    Wed         Rulers                                  Duncan H
    Wed         Rulers                                  Henry G
    Wed         Rulers                                  Kieran B
    Wed         Rulers                                  Lachlan O
    Wed         Rulers                                  Nathan  S
    Wed         Rulers                                  paddy c
    Wed         Soccer idols                          Antonios K
    Wed         Soccer idols                          Harry  B
    Wed         Soccer idols                          Izen P
    Wed         Soccer idols                          Jack A
    Wed         Soccer idols                          Jai P
    Wed         Soccer idols                          Josiah C
    Wed         Soccer idols                          Lucas D
    Wed         SoccerStars                          Andrew C
    Wed         SoccerStars                          Charlie P
    Wed         SoccerStars                          Jack O
    Wed         SoccerStars                          Jethro V
    Wed         SoccerStars                          Oliver G
    Wed         SoccerStars                          Simon G
    Wed         SoccerStars                          Thomas I
    Wed         Sonics                                  Braedon R
    Wed         Sonics                                  Charlie R
    Wed         Sonics                                  Hamish  G
    Wed         Sonics                                  Henry  M
    Wed         Sonics                                  Marcus Y
    Wed         Sonics                                  Max R
    Wed         Sounders                             Jared W
    Wed         Sounders                             leo p
    Wed         Sounders                             Nicole  G
    Wed         Sounders                             Olivia K
    Wed         Sounders                             Preston J
    Wed         Star Wars                             Charles S
    Wed         Star Wars                             Charlie F
    Wed         Star Wars                             James H
    Wed         Star Wars                             Lucas X
    Wed         Star Wars                             Max H
    Wed         Star Wars                             Noah P
    Wed         Storm Troopers                    Henry M
    Wed         Storm Troopers                    Jet  B
    Wed         Storm Troopers                    Lochlann D
    Wed         Storm Troopers                    Max M
    Wed         Storm Troopers                    Oliver M
    Wed         Storm Troopers                    Oscar F

    Wed         Strikers                                Harry B
    Wed         Strikers                                Jacob W
    Wed         Strikers                                James B
    Wed         Strikers                                Lachlan H
    Wed         Strikers                                Luke S
    Wed         Strikers                                Marco N
    Wed         Strikers                                Marcorius G
    Wed         Super Kickers                       Eva S
    Wed         Super Kickers                       Freya S
    Wed         Super Kickers                       Sarah L
    Wed         Super Kickers                       Sophie S
    Wed         Super Kickers                       Tabitha L
    Wed         Super Kickers                       Victoria B
    Wed         Super Vikings                       Arie L
    Wed         Super Vikings                       Benjamin C
    Wed         Super Vikings                       Charlie C
    Wed         Super Vikings                       Heston L
    Wed         Super Vikings                       Joshua G
    Wed         Super Vikings                       Oliver H
    Wed         Super Vikings                       Tristan M
    Wed         Swoop                                 Isaac H
    Wed         Swoop                                 Kyle H
    Wed         Swoop                                 Liam W
    Wed         Swoop                                 Luke T
    Wed         Swoop                                 Manuka T
    Wed         Swoop                                 Oakley C
    Wed         Swoop                                 Tom L
    Wed         Swoop                                 William C
    Wed         Titans                                   Barney T
    Wed         Titans                                   Braxton C
    Wed         Titans                                   Edward A
    Wed         Titans                                   Jack B
    Wed         Titans                                   Jeremy D
    Wed         Titans                                   Leo S
    Wed         Titans                                   Ryan J
    Wed         Turra Legends                      Aubrey J
    Wed         Turra Legends                      Chris Hoyuen  D
    Wed         Turra Legends                      Eli T
    Wed         Turra Legends                      Lachlan  Z
    Wed         Turra Legends                      Marcus  L
    Wed         Turra Terrors                        Harrison  L
    Wed         Turra Terrors                        Jace A

    Wed         Turra Terrors                        Lachlan A
    Wed         Turra Terrors                        Lachlan S
    Wed         Turra Terrors                        Oliver V
    Wed         Turra Terrors                        Ryan  B
    Wed         Turra Terrors                        Toby C
    Wed         Turra Tigers                          Kye P
    Wed         Turra Tigers                          LIAM L
    Wed         Turra Tigers                          Oliver P
    Wed         Turra Tigers                          Rowan J
    Wed         Turra Tigers                          Sebastian B
    Wed         Turra Tigers                          William C
    Wed         Turra Tigers                          Xavier K
    Wed         Velociraptors                       Anya O
    Wed         Velociraptors                       Ben  F
    Wed         Velociraptors                       Jameson C
    Wed         Velociraptors                       Neve C
    Wed         Velociraptors                       Poppy B
    Wed         Velociraptors                       Rowan P
    Wed         Velociraptors                       Tom G
    Wed         Velociraptors                       Zachary B
    Wed         Whatever                            Alexander M
    Wed         Whatever                            Bede H
    Wed         Whatever                            Hassan A
    Wed         Whatever                            Joshua B
    Wed         Whatever                            Navanj G
    Wed         Whatever                            Neil R
    Wed         Whatever                            Oliver M
    Wed         Wild hearts                          Archie H
    Wed         Wild hearts                          Dominic R
    Wed         Wild hearts                          James R
    Wed         Wild hearts                          Olivia  C
    Wed         Wild hearts                          Rupert L
    Wed         Wild hearts                          Samuel H
    Wed         Wild Kittens                         Amelie M
    Wed         Wild Kittens                         Beatrix B
    Wed         Wild Kittens                         Chloe B
    Wed         Wild Kittens                         Elena C
    Wed         Wild Kittens                         Imogen S
    Wed         Wild Kittens                         Jasmine  K
    Wed         Wild Kittens                         Tara M
    Wed         Wild Kittens                         Zara C
    Wed         Wolverines                          Benjamin  S
    Wed         Wolverines                          Liam C
    Wed         Wolverines                          Louis N

    Wed         Wolverines                          Max  Z
    Wed         Wolverines                          Noah W
    Wed         Wolverines                          Ryan M
    Thu          AwaitingTeamThu                Jasper  S
    Thu          AwaitingTeamThu                Leon S
    Thu          Black Hawks                         Ahren V
    Thu          Black Hawks                         Blake H
    Thu          Black Hawks                         Nicholas B
    Thu          Black Hawks                         Oscar N
    Thu          Black Hawks                         Sean D
    Thu          Blue Pythons                        Aidan M
    Thu          Blue Pythons                        Benji T
    Thu          Blue Pythons                        Hayden M
    Thu          Blue Pythons                        Jake B
    Thu          Blue Pythons                        Luke F
    Thu          Blue Pythons                        Nick H
    Thu          Bobjonuts                            Benjamin H
    Thu          Bobjonuts                            Billy W
    Thu          Bobjonuts                            Jack P
    Thu          Bobjonuts                            Liam H
    Thu          Bobjonuts                            Oliver  J
    Thu          Bobjonuts                            Sebastian T
    Thu          Champions                           Benjamin  D
    Thu          Champions                           Clementine T
    Thu          Champions                           Harrison (harry) B
    Thu          Champions                           Jack M
    Thu          Champions                           Lucas B
    Thu          Champions                           Patrick D
    Thu          Diamonds                            Ella  B
    Thu          Diamonds                            Francesca T
    Thu          Diamonds                            Gemma B
    Thu          Diamonds                            Grace D
    Thu          Diamonds                            Lola B
    Thu          Diamonds                            Maddy G
    Thu          Diamonds                            Seraphina H
    Thu          Diamonds                            Zara M
    Thu          Dream Team                        Ashwin S
    Thu          Dream Team                        Cooper N
    Thu          Dream Team                        Ethan H
    Thu          Dream Team                        Iggy B
    Thu          Dream Team                        Jonah L
    Thu          Dream Team                        Max D

    Thu          Floss Bosses                         Isaiah R
    Thu          Floss Bosses                         Jack H
    Thu          Floss Bosses                         Joshua P
    Thu          Floss Bosses                         Samuel V
    Thu          Floss Bosses                         Soren M
    Thu          Lightning                              Andelle P
    Thu          Lightning                              Beatrice M
    Thu          Lightning                              Charlotte M
    Thu          Lightning                              Claire D
    Thu          Lightning                              Diana S
    Thu          Lightning                              Maya J
    Thu          Lightning                              Pia B
    Thu          Mad Skillz                             Aaron Y
    Thu          Mad Skillz                             Ethan S
    Thu          Mad Skillz                             George G
    Thu          Mad Skillz                             Hugh T
    Thu          Mad Skillz                             Nathaniel D
    Thu          Mad Skillz                             Rohan N
    Thu          Matildas                               Chrissie A
    Thu          Matildas                               Emily A
    Thu          Matildas                               Eve B
    Thu          Matildas                               Harlow W
    Thu          Matildas                               Nia H
    Thu          Matildas                               Rosie M
    Thu          OLPS Allstars                        Bella M
    Thu          OLPS Allstars                        Chiara B
    Thu          OLPS Allstars                        Ella B
    Thu          OLPS Allstars                        Emily F
    Thu          OLPS Allstars                        John M
    Thu          OLPS Allstars                        Nina  B
    Thu          OLPS Allstars                        Pia B
    Thu          OLPS Allstars                        Sienna W
    Thu          OLPS Allstars                        Siera B
    Thu          Red Barons                           Alexander B
    Thu          Red Barons                           Ethan H
    Thu          Red Barons                           Julian C
    Thu          Red Barons                           Ryan D
    Thu          Red Barons                           Teo H
    Thu          Red Barons                           Tyson N
    Thu          Ronaldos                              Archie  K
    Thu          Ronaldos                              Edmon K
    Thu          Ronaldos                              Emmy W

    Thu          Ronaldos                              Grace W
    Thu          Ronaldos                              Harry K
    Thu          Ronaldos                              Patrick L
    Thu          Shooting Stars                      Alice H
    Thu          Shooting Stars                      Eva V
    Thu          Shooting Stars                      Jack K
    Thu          Shooting Stars                      Jessica  T
    Thu          Shooting Stars                      Joshua M
    Thu          Shooting Stars                      Mackenzie C
    Thu          Shooting Stars                      Maeve P
    Thu          Spider Riders                        Dev K
    Thu          Spider Riders                        Dino K
    Thu          Spider Riders                        Phelipe B
    Thu          StellarStrikers                       Annaliese  G
    Thu          StellarStrikers                       Georgia D
    Thu          StellarStrikers                       Holly d
    Thu          StellarStrikers                       Isla D
    Thu          StellarStrikers                       Maria G
    Thu          StellarStrikers                       Sarah G
    Thu          Supersonic Bats                    Benjamin  C
    Thu          Supersonic Bats                    Benjamin Y
    Thu          Supersonic Bats                    Cheston H
    Thu          Supersonic Bats                    DARREN H
    Thu          Supersonic Bats                    James H
    Thu          Supersonic Bats                    Karam  S
    Thu          Team United                        Amelia S
    Thu          Tigers                                   Angus  C
    Thu          Tigers                                   Charlie Carter H
    Thu          Tigers                                   Cooper M
    Thu          Tigers                                   Ethan G
    Thu          Tigers                                   Marcus L
    Thu          Tigers                                   Oliver L
    Thu          Tigers                                   Teo B
    Thu          WP Knights                          Brienna R
    Thu          WP Knights                          Harry T
    Thu          WP Knights                          Lachlan N
    Thu          WP Knights                          Luke B
    Thu          WP Knights                          Mariana D
    Thu          WP Knights                          Sienna B
    Thu          WP Knights                          Spencer G
    Thu          WP Knights                          Tom D

    Thu          x-rays                                  Abigail M
    Thu          x-rays                                  Ashton B
    Thu          x-rays                                  Eli M
    Thu          x-rays                                  Hayden L
    Sat           Panthers                              Christine A
    Sat           Panthers                              Heather G
    Sat           Panthers                              Julie M
    Sat           Panthers                              Miranda  R
    Sat           Panthers                              Narelle T
    Sat           Panthers                              Nicole P
    Sat           Panthers                              Samantha R
    Sat           Panthers                              Tanya  D
    Sat           SIPPS Chicks                         Anne E
    Sat           SIPPS Chicks                         FRANCES J
    Sat           SIPPS Chicks                         Melinda B
    Sat           SIPPS Chicks                         Stephanie C
    Sat           SIPPS Chicks                         Tania G
    Sat           Sparks                                  Adele L
    Sat           Sparks                                  Akiko J
    Sat           Sparks                                  Elisabeth P
    Sat           Sparks                                  Emma D
    Sat           Sparks                                  Jo-Ann M
    Sat           Sparks                                  Patricia L
    Sat           Sparks                                  Phaedra P
    Sat           YOLO                                   Catherine P
    Sat           YOLO                                   Emma W
    Sat           YOLO                                   Gillian A
    Sat           YOLO                                   Sarah R
    Sat           YOLO                                   Toula M
    Sat           YOLO                                   Trish  H
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