Payment of $150  (or $50 if using Active Kids Discount) $180 for women
is by direct deposit.

Account Name ...Primary Soccer 
BSB 06 2246 A/C 1024 9076

Please include players name so we can match the payment to registration

Grading starts September 17 || Cost $150 ||players can join any time provided there is a team vacancy ||


  Welcome to Primary Soccer  
  Detailed information is available from buttons on the right  
  Player Registration/Sign Up Essential Information 2018/19  

Tuesday- Next to St Ives Shopping Centre,  
Wednesday-Karuah, Turrumurra  
Thursday- George Christi, Wahroonga 
Saturday- Womens, Pymble
NB:Karuah is limited to primary school ages.

  Key points
  -Cost $150 for juniors (15 weeks of games) and $180 for women (15 weeks of games)
   We normally offer 16 weeks but a short term 4 means we can only fit in 9 weeks of the term

  -All games have a referee.
  -We do not have age groups. A weak U8 will play strong U7, a strong U8 will play weak U9.
  -We do not grade players, you get to pick who is in your team.
  -We do grade teams so your team can play appropriate opponents.
  -We will find you a team if you don't have one but experience has shown a team of strangers will often be hard to maintain.
  -If you need more information, the buttons on the right should help
  -We grade last two weeks of term 3, we play 9 weeks in term 4 and 4 weeks in February.
  Estimated kick off Times-
Once  the competition starts in term 4, we cannot be absolutely certain but would expect;- 
U6 4:45 +/-15mins    U7 5:00 +/- 15mins    U8 5:15+/- 15min   U9 5:45 +/- 15min   U10& U11 6:15+/- 15min   U12 6:30+/- 15min     Older 6:45+/-15min
Grading happens in the last two weeks of term 3 (before daylight saving). By necessity, games are earlier so they can be completed by sunset.
  Click to go to => Registration Form   
  Problems:We use a  Google Form for registration, some work servers and VPNs block Google Cloud solutions, there should be no problem from home internet.  
  Notes on Active Kids Rebate:
The Active Kids rebate of $100 was introduce in 2018 by the NSW government.
Primary Soccer is an approved organisation so players qualify for the $100 government subsidy.
You only qualify for $100 once per year, if you used it during winter sports you cannot also claim $100 with Primary Soccer.


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