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Wiith  teams playing a mix of opponents  it is not possible to create a traditional table for games over the season.
For those who like to not only see individula results but see a team table, we have developed a process.
1)Pick a team somewhere near the middle ability level and award it a score of 50.
2)Look at all the teams that team has played. For each of the teams played, give them a score higher or lower than 50 based on goal difference.
3)Delete the score of 50 given to the initial team.
4)Look at all the opponents of the teams mentioned in step 2 and calculate their own strength based on results. Where a team has played more than one of the teams calculate the average.
5)Delete the scores for the teams mentioned in step 2.
Repeat this process 12 times. Early on this process may produce some unusual results but as more results are added, the accuracy of the ranking improves

AgeGrp team strength year or birth
Thu Mad Skillz 64 2008
Thu Crows 60 2008
Thu Da Boiz 58 2008
Thu Yo Mum 57 2007
Thu Yeetos Doritos 57 2008
Thu Roblox Masters 56 2009
Thu Bing Bong Bing 56 2008
Thu Thors Hammer 54 2009
Thu Ronaldos 52 2012
Thu Black Krakens 52 2011
Thu Pink Panthers 51 2010
Thu Pymble Pokemon 51 2009
Thu Hawks 48 2012
Thu Sapphires 47 2010
Thu Ravens 46 2012
Thu United 46 2011
Thu Epic GW stars 45 2012
Thu Epic GW Legends 45 2013
Thu Ninja Spiders 42 2013
Thu TurraTigers 42 2013
Thu Lightning Stars 41 2011
Thu RainbowWarriors 41 2013
Thu Pymble Joeys 38 2013

Team Rank
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